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Welcome to the Global Village!

The Global Village is a virtual community designed as a place to gather together and explore the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga. My name is Gurmukh, along with my husband Gurushabd, we started our first Golden Bridge in 1985. We have been traveling together, teaching all around the world. We said to ourselves, “What can we do that can bring us all together? How can the folks Japan know the folks in Brazil?"

We can define community in so many ways. And in this expansive digital age which we are in right now, we can create community across oceans. And connect literally from anywhere to anyone. We have assembled some of the most experienced and dynamic Kundalini Yoga teachers to guide you through the exercises, Kriyas and Meditations.

Yogi Bhajan would always say, “I don't have to hope this technology works. I know it works.”

It takes a Village to Raise a Spirit.

Welcome home.

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